Saturday, December 5, 2015

Working in a group....

There are many ways to work in a group...

You can join a guild, you can join a club that hasImage result for clip art group similar interests etc.

I currently belong to two quilt guilds which are filled with fun creative women. I haven't actually made it to either one this fall due to work schedules and how my fibro has been but I do love seeing the pictures on Facebook.

I belong to one once a month stitch group and those ladies are good for the soul. They make me laugh! I have made it to most of those days.

Then there is the Tiara Club as my husband and I have dubbed it. It is where I go to talk about my latest obsession my Baby Lock Tiara!

Last year I joined with 3 other artists to get together to expand, explore and create. We have been meeting regularly to share our own art, learn from each other and have done several collaborations.

We named ourselves the Fabrigos. The name came about while we were having one of our collaborative brain storming sessions. We love fabric, we have become Amigos and we love adventures.

Now we have started a blog to share what we are doing and to document our journey. I hope you will drop by and visit our blog, leave a comment and share in our adventure. You can find our blog

Fabrigos - The Journey of Four Artists and Their Fiber Art Adventures

I hope you will drop by and see what we have been up too! We have great fun and it is an inspiration to be with these friends and artists.

Each group works in a different way but is so giving and forgiving. If you ever find yourself in such a group enjoy! If you don't have a group start one! And if you don't enjoy the group.... do yourself a favour and find another. 

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