Monday, June 27, 2011

Fun Stuff!

In early June I went to our family cottage with a few of my BFF's. How many BFF's are you allowed to have? What is a BBF? To me it is someone loves you no matter what. When your happy/sad, right/wrong, giving/taking,talking/listening and when you screw up. It is being to say able to say sorry even when you disagree and and you don't know what you did. It is a love you anyway kind of relationship.

Anyway, I am blessed with such a supportive group of women. And did we laugh, cry and laugh somemore. Oh and eat!

We did some shopping on our way up and I went to Rockport my favorite shoe store because I have to buy supportive shoes. But usually I don't feel I can afford to buy them or it is too much money to spend on a pair of shoes. But I am not held to not buying them when I get a deal. I got 4 pairs of shoes but these were my favorite!
Cute, cheap and funky...and comfortable. 

So then I needed a purse... Hummm 

Off to my stash of newly dyed fabric and I chose this. 
I used a  potato masher at the workshop with Gunnel Hag in Toronto  . Gunnel said the masher was from Portugal so it has a international flavor. 

And I made this bag to carry my drivers licence and a few essentials and off I can go in my comfy shoes and sort of matching purse.

The colour match is not perfect but makes me happy for now. 


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

dying fabric

Took my second dyeing class from Colourvie  colourvie in Toronto on Sat.
It was great fun.
Gunnel is so helpful and upbeat. She is wonderfully generous with her knowledge and workshop supplies. If she doesn't know the answer she is into experimentation.
You come home with usable fabric.
It is an easy system to clean up and do at home and doesn't smell!

Here are some pic's
Rubber stamp for leaves, gold dye paint for stems, flowers a wooden stamp, center of flowers dots of gold dye paint. 

 Making our own stamps with fun foam shapes and wooden blocks. 

Making our own stamps with softoleum or softkut or linoleum and a cutter tool. 

Fabric I will print on trying different techniques. 
I had a great day!

Now to get back to my sewing room. It has been painted and things are going back in. I am going through everything before it goes back in and the things going out are going to my son's garage sale to raise money for a trip to Korea this summer to teach English through VBS.

What fun to clean up stuff and help him too!

I am hoping June gets me back to sewing. If not I have July vacation at the cottage! Two weeks of rest, reading, sewing and being with my hubby.

For now back to life as mom, bookkeeper and fundraiser for son's trip.