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Manic Monday's....

Every Monday I seem to get the Bangles Song "Just another Manic Monday" stuck in my head.

Well from now on Manic Mondays will be what I wish to accomplish in the week.

Sewing Wise:
Dandelion bring the world together... Attach items and do the quilting. Dragon Flies.... Finish colouring the dragonflies and attach items and quilt themRandom leaves. Compile design. Drop of DS2 quilt and Turtle rampage off to get basted. (No more killing my back to baste for me!)Gather my sewing stuff to take to Vermont so I don't forget anything. Work:
Get caught up!!!!

Dinner on the table each night by 5:45 so everyone can go to their perspective things!!! (This does not happen if I do not plan ahead and leave it until later in the day)Walk 3 days at least!Buy an new Dehumidifier for basement. Clean out my sweater shelf. To often I try to leave things until I can do it all.. like clean the whole bedroom top to bottom or work on a piece until it is done.

Well no more it is to ti…

Wow. I am insprired...

Busy fall. Every weekend filled with commitments. Care giving - kids, parents, friends. 25th wedding celebration. Porcupines under the cottage. Computer crashes galore. etc.

But some of the commitments are coming to a close.

Here is some of what I have been up to.
Art Quilts - I made four. This is my Mr. Gecko. The gecko was hand painted. The quilting does not show up well. I have to learn how to take better pictures. But the whole thing was machine quilted on my home machine. The tiles are made by my friend a Raku Potter - Lisa Skog.
I love this foray into the art quilt world.
Here are the other three pieces made for a September show.

All of these should be rotated to the right orientation but I am having problems with my arthritis  in my hands and I guess I am to lazy to care right now.

I sold the piece with the oriental tiles. And there was some interest in a show at a local gallery.

Friday afternoon and Saturday are mine to play. ( I do have a commitment for part of the day …