Monday, November 15, 2010

Manic Monday's....

Every Monday I seem to get the Bangles Song "Just another Manic Monday" stuck in my head.

Well from now on Manic Mondays will be what I wish to accomplish in the week.

Sewing Wise:
  • Dandelion bring the world together... Attach items and do the quilting.
  • Dragon Flies.... Finish colouring the dragonflies and attach items and quilt them
  • Random leaves. Compile design.
  • Drop of DS2 quilt and Turtle rampage off to get basted. (No more killing my back to baste for me!)
  • Gather my sewing stuff to take to Vermont so I don't forget anything.
Get caught up!!!!

  • Dinner on the table each night by 5:45 so everyone can go to their perspective things!!! (This does not happen if I do not plan ahead and leave it until later in the day)
  • Walk 3 days at least!
  • Buy an new Dehumidifier for basement.
  • Clean out my sweater shelf.
To often I try to leave things until I can do it all.. like clean the whole bedroom top to bottom or work on a piece until it is done.

Well no more it is to tiring with my fibro to tackle things this way and too exhausting. So I will finally do things in bits and pieces.

Next Monday we will see how I did.

PS I got this list idea from another blogger  and I will put a link to her blog here after I am done because I can't remember it off the top.

From Rosmary Makhan's Book More Biblical Blocks - a quilt in progress for our bed
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