Sunday, July 22, 2012

Holiday time...

Off for two weeks... but what a dilemma! What to take with me....?
The sewing machine for sure. But what projects? Quillows for neices? Hand quilting? Kanzani flowers? Fabric beads to make my earrings? Flannel to make baby blankets for friends? Odds and sods of projects half done? New projects? Art quilting projects? My new seta paints?
I wish I could take it all but my sewing room won't fit in the van....
Home is where the heart is.... or my happy place.
I have to decide by 2 pm. It is a good thing I have a patient husband.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Battle Reenactment...

My DD works at a Canadian Historic Park which depicts the life of Fort George in the time of 1812. The fort is located in Niagara on the Lake, Ontario on the Niagara River. Fort Niagara (USA fort) is across the river. Saturday they had a simulated reenactment of  a Naval exercise for the British. 

After the "battle" DH and I spent a lovely afternoon people watching, reading and napping in the park. 
We then got some supper from the local grocery store and went to the actual Fort George park site to take in an evening reenactment of the "Re taking of the Fort by the British soldiers, Militia, and Natives forces from the "Americans" who had taken over the fort in the War of 1812. 
Lots of musket fire and cannons. The reenactors do this for free and travel around each year on the weekends to share our history. They do this on both sides of the border. If you can take in any events that go on this summer and fall and next year it truly is a fun experience and worth finding out more about Canadian and American history. 

You can start your search here. 

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Oh what a glorious Canada Day!

Canada Day weekend. Sometimes we go to the cottage;Sometimes we stay home. This weekend we went to the cottage with some great friends. Sun, water, peaceful sounds of the forest.
And our new duck friends.
Bob and Betty were a couple who kept floating by and even came up on the dock.

We named the single mom Matilda. The three children are unnamed. When my kids were small I would have made a whole story about them and their lives. As it was we just enjoyed them. 

Thankful we live in a free country. We may have some problems as a nation. But I do confess when I am at the cottage I do not think of any.