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Why I like my mini bolts...

Why do I like my mini bolts?

I guess I am obsessing on my mini bolts. I just find this so easy to use.

This method keeps my fabric from getting to messy and mashed. When I fold my fabric an put it in plastic boxes and I start pulling for a project I start hurrying and stuffing stuff back in.

And it does allow me to play deal a fabric. Like this:
 Or this
 Or this.....

Then it allows me to put things back into the boxes like this. 

I also can pull my boxes and see at a glance what I have. The piles don't topple. Are not falling off the shelves and the pets can not knock them over. 

This works awesomely for me when I am making small art quilts or any other project I do. Larger pieces than a yard go in my cutting cabinet. I have material ear marked for projects here and then bigger pieces I have to use up when I need to like neutrals and fabric to great to pass up. 
I had a suggestion from a comment to the way I do my fabric bolts from the Quilter Club of America site. They use hair…

How I store my fabric.... Part one

Storing your fabric.

Risky topic to bare to the world.

Why? If you hubby happens to see your blog he might realize how much you have. Or you might feel embarrassed that your stash is smaller than others. What if someone doesn't like your choices? Or what if????

Does it matter how you store your stash? Not really. But for me I have found that out of sight is out of mind. I just don't remember any more what I have. My kids call one space in my basement the wall o'fabric. A storage area in my laundry room of photocopy boxes with fabrics of different kinds. Fleece, knit, scraps, poly cotton.....

Slowly I am gifting to organizations my stash of unrelated to quilting items. I am teaching my niece to sew. She picks from the stash... Donations needed for orphanage in Africa. My girlfriend picks from the stash.

I thought of trying to sell it online to raise some money for more fabric - quilting fabric. But I am too lazy or somehow it doesn't appeal to have someone reject it. I…