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This post is going to be thoughts... not really a post on how to but a reflection on some things I am learning from others.
I love reading blogs. I learn alot from them. From time to time I want to spot light some of those who I get a lot of thoughts from.

A disclosure is needed before I do this that I am only going to focus on positive thoughts and reflections. Negative rants - of which I have been subject to or have given have served no purpose accept to put me in a downward spiral. So the old saying "If you don't have anything nice to say - don't say it" will apply. This is going to be hard work. Think of how many negative comments flow through your brain?

Elizabeth Barton
I have never met Elizabeth Barton. I have her books

She teaches on line at the Academy of Quilting
And has a masterclass sign up each year which you can access on her blog via the link on her name above.

She doesn't know me at all. I am just one of the people who have signed up for her…


I am a Craftsy Fan.

I have bought several classes now and really enjoy the format. Granted you have to have a Internet connection that works well to feed the video so it doesn't make it ideal for some.

Why do I like Craftsy Classes?

Here are my top reasons.

1. Affordable. Hobbies are expensive. Very fulfilling but expensive. Some people would be appalled at the amount of money I have spent on my hobby but since my hubby is good with it and it makes me happy to create for our family and others I don't have to justify spending the money. That being said there are limits. Craftsy makes classes affordable. Price points for these classes are great .

2. Life time access to classes.  No where can you get life time access to classes to watch, re watch and re watch that I know of. Yes you can buy DVD classes and I do, but here comes my next reason.

3. Top notch teachers at your disposal. Every class I have taken has top notch teachers at my disposal. The format design of the class all…

Opportunity you listen?

"Opportunity Knocks... do you listen". I think this would make a great quilt title. Image what you could put into it.

How about "Look Before You Leap because you just might land in ... " This could go so many ways - whimsical, political, dark, light.

I attended out local SAQA Meeting yesterday afternoon at the artgalleryofburlington where Robynne Cole and Dwayne Warner put on another great meeting. Record turn out!

Denis Longchamps Artistic Director and Chief Curator of the AGB was our guest speaker.  What a great job he did! I wish I had taken notes but the lights were dim and I couldn't see very well so I will have to rely on my memory...

Denis did a great job of explaining about Art, Craft and the divisions, and interactions of the subject. Where lines get blurred is the historical, contextual, and perceived definitions of Art and Craft.  Art begs the person to ask questions. It pushes the realm of the known in a medium in relation to the time and space it …

Weekly Stitch - Cretan Stitch

Well this weekly stitch bit is a bit of a misnomer. 
But I will stick to this title until I get there. 
So many things have been happening and time and energy is not always there but I finished the sample.

The leaf sample -  a slow start Part of the problem with this leaf is how to  interpret this stitch to fill in the leaf. 


If you want to see a really successful weekly stitch blog. by Linda McLaughlin

Do you hand stitch.