Monday, April 11, 2016

Opportunity you listen?

"Opportunity Knocks... do you listen". I think this would make a great quilt title. Image what you could put into it.

How about "Look Before You Leap because you just might land in ... " This could go so many ways - whimsical, political, dark, light.

I attended out local SAQA Meeting yesterday afternoon at the artgalleryofburlington where Robynne Cole and Dwayne Warner put on another great meeting. Record turn out!

Denis Longchamps Artistic Director and Chief Curator of the AGB was our guest speaker.  What a great job he did! I wish I had taken notes but the lights were dim and I couldn't see very well so I will have to rely on my memory...

Denis did a great job of explaining about Art, Craft and the divisions, and interactions of the subject. Where lines get blurred is the historical, contextual, and perceived definitions of Art and Craft.  Art begs the person to ask questions. It pushes the realm of the known in a medium in relation to the time and space it is created. At least this is my take on it. I still don't get some "Art" and probably won't at least with not a greater study of the subject. Which I think would take a lifetime.
But for now it has opened the door a bit wider to my understanding of things created with out a purpose or practicality.

How does this relate to my post title?

Well I guess it relates on many levels. A flare of my Fibromyalgia has lead to me resigning from my part time job. This in turn allows me to pursue other activities such as my "art" quilting and other hobbies while turning my mind to keeping myself in better condition health wise and freeing me up for opportunities. Which in turn can ramp up symptoms of my Fibromyalgia. In other words if I don't plan my opportunities I could end up in a bigger mess.

Over the next little while I am going to be doing some serious thinking about Looking Before I Leap. I am impulsive and have a creative problem solving mind. I am naturally curious and intrigued by new things. This leads me down rabbit holes of what should I do with my life? and Staying at home and not working for pay does it have meaning? Should I take a course for a designation? Should I start a business? Should I ....

On one of my favourite sites to visit is Textile Artist. It has great articles for fibre artists and more. I am going to be making some mind maps to clarify my thoughts and options.  Putting on paper the rabbit hole where my mind goes.
I used to use this technique with my son when his mind was going to fast as a kid and making him anxious.

I know I am in for a change. You will see them here on the blog.

Let me know if you go down rabbit holes or look before   you leap or how you deal with opportunity...
I would love to know what others think.

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