Monday, January 15, 2018

I'm Moving.....

I am Moving...

But not actually physically moving house holds.

What I am doing is moving to a new blog homeland.

Yup with 2018 I need a fresh start. Not really the challenge of learning new software but I need a direction and purpose.

The purpose of my new blog will be a journey of my quilts, art quilting and fiber arts trials and journeys.

So I hope you make the journey with me. I plan (and I hope you join in) to make it about my learning experiences, passing on what I learn. My mistakes, my wins and my so, so's....

I find that with the internet we see to much perfection.

Learn to free motion.... Does anyone show you how crappy things look until you get the hang of it?

I will. This is all in the effort to take the fear out of my life. I am afraid of making a mistake. No more.

Learn with me... give me tips, share.... lets make 2018 a year of letting go!

My new blog can be found on my dedicated site over at word press.

It may take a few days to migrate, cull, and get the thing working but consider this a spring house cleaning of my mind.

See you there


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