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What makes art and someone an artist?

Ever feel fragmented.. what direction to go in? In a month I turn 50. The age does not bother me but defining what I want to do for the next season of my life does.
Most of my married life I have had kids to rule and guide. They are still there but more independent than ever.
I thought I would have so much free time when they were grown. My life has been defined in how much work I get done. Meet a deadline. Make pies, bake pies! (lots of fundraisers for those kids)
I even crammed more sewing in the day when the kids were small than I do now.
Now that I am "into" art quilting I find as I delve deeper into it I can be more intimidated by presenting what I am making. Critique is good but oh so hard.
It is like I want a course outline to follow so I can check the accomplishments off of the list.
I wonder what others think of this.
Do you ever feel you need a list to check off so you can put the label of fiber artist on yourself?
If you stumble by leave an opinion.
Share my ques… a bad word in my lingo...

I keep thinking I will create when...
I don't know if when will come as "when" was going to come when

the kids grew up.... 19, 21 and 24 is grownthe kids where away from home...2 back to University and 1 staying until he is married next year. things settle down at the day job...ha,ha, haMy fibromyalgia settles down... 15 years and still going strong...and yes I have tried just about everything. When the dog died... she died and then I gave in to this....

What can I say he looked into my eyes and I was in love! He is Moe. Short for Geronimo! (Picture me out in the back yard yelling Geronimo! and you can see why I shortened it.) 
"When" came to a crisis a couple of weeks ago. I used to call them magic melt downs when the kids were small. They had enough! Their energy was shot. Whether the heat, demands, worries, concerns - I had enough. I do not have to drain myself on other peoples agendas. What is important is my family and my health. 
So... regroup. Forgive one…