Friday, September 7, 2012 a bad word in my lingo...

I keep thinking I will create when...
I don't know if when will come as "when" was going to come when

  • the kids grew up.... 19, 21 and 24 is grown
  • the kids where away from home...2 back to University and 1 staying until he is married next year. 
  • things settle down at the day job...ha,ha, ha
  • My fibromyalgia settles down... 15 years and still going strong...and yes I have tried just about everything. 
  • When the dog died... she died and then I gave in to this....

What can I say he looked into my eyes and I was in love! He is Moe. Short for Geronimo! (Picture me out in the back yard yelling Geronimo! and you can see why I shortened it.) 

"When" came to a crisis a couple of weeks ago. I used to call them magic melt downs when the kids were small. They had enough! Their energy was shot. Whether the heat, demands, worries, concerns - I had enough. I do not have to drain myself on other peoples agendas. What is important is my family and my health. 

So... regroup. Forgive oneself for ones imperfect state. 
One day at a time. This too shall pass. Take time to smell the roses. 
Throw out when and do now! Play with the puppy!

Just about done my entry for the Burlington Fiber Arts - Literary Arts Exhibit. It is due the 19th of September. I will see if it gets juried in but even if it doesn't it is going on my wall eventually. I love it and that what matters! 

Picture posted when the entrance date is over.  


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