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Creative Explorer

Creative Explorer
I joined Linda Matthews  Creative Explorer Club in January I have kept up with reading the posts, organizing the information (binder complete), started some of the work, but still have not actually made anything. (I think this will be one of my better investments in my creative journey yet!)

I seem to think I am in a "doing funk".


 I was away for over two weeks in January so it was catch up on work before and after.And then two kids (whom I love to death) returned home for reading week last week. I have joined the gym and have made it out two times a week and gone skiing twice. I have attended my guild meetings. I belong to two guilds so that is three meetings a month.  I do the show and share archive for one of the guilds that takes a good three to four hours to comply with pictures and writing. Done mom duty. (taking of MIL somewhere) Hosted a wedding shower (lots of fun!) Made the invites on my computer…