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Oh Whats A Girl to do!!!! Forced Vacation

I have been so geared up to sew a storm. This week was to be the week! But it is not to be...
Friday I had a freak fall. Down I went off a curb... I can say life through me a curb honestly! lol
So now I sit (literally). After 1 ambulance ride, 4 hours in emergency I came home with a cut up nose, badly sprained ankle and a broken wrist bone.  Combine that with a few bruises and I was set to celebrate our May 24th holiday weekend in a lazy boy.

I am actually mending quite well. My face looks a whole lot better. Swelling has gone down in ankle and wrist. Still can't walk comfortably and I don't know how long I will have to wear my splint cast on my hand.

So for now I am having a forced rest and spend my time surfing the net, reading and watching videos. Off to the osteopath for assessment tomorrow and the Dr's next Wednesday.

I always say I want to be served by my family but it is not as fun as it once sounded.

May Marching Along...

Marching along. That is what I feel like I am doing. Since my latest body rebellion I have been trying to just march along on what needs to be done.

Goals to get through the month.
Family needs come first. This has been another month of appointments for mom and dad and myself. The last to get through will be for my hubby at the last day of the month. Hopefully June won't be as full. Although mom has another spot of her cancer that has to be removed. We are glad it is only one tiny one.
Honour my own body rebellion. Letting go of the need for perfection and asking for help. This one is hard for a helper.

Craftsy's 50% off members favorite classes sale
Craftsy is continuing its birthday festivities! Put on your party hat and celebrate with 50% off member-favorite classes. Grab a class before the deal expires on Saturday!

On my sewing activity front. My main goal has been to finish my pieces I wish to enter into a regional show. The deadline is fast approaching. I did not feel wel…

Work in progress

I have been busy working on two pieces I hope to enter into a show that will be in Burlington Ontario. No guarantees to get accepted especially with all the very talented artists who will be entering.The encouragement from my family especially DH is so empowering. To have someone believe in you is such a besting.  My small group the Fabrigos are like this too! We can bounce ideas off of each other, ask for opinions on the direction of our work and support each other.  I wonder if there is any statistics on percentages on submissions to acceptances to shows. This would still be quite subjective depending on number of entrants, skill level and a mirad of other things.  So why take the chance to enter juried shows? I think the best reason is because it pushes you. It pushes you to complete. It pushes you to hone your skills. It gives you a goal. Does that mean if you don't get in that your piece was no good? Maybe... To the standard of the day. Or maybe yes it wasn't that good. Or i…

Craftsy Class Review - Amy Johnson - Quilting with Rulers on a Home Machine.

Craftsy Class Review - Amy Johnson - Quilting with Rulers on a Home Machine.

So I have set my note book (see last post), viewed the whole class and now have completed some of the lessons.

I have to say I really like Amy Johnson as a teacher. is her blog which has lots of information and her online shop where you can find machine rulers and feet for your domestic machine. Disclosure: I do not get anything for promoting her web site. I just love it!

Her teaching style is easy to listen to, filled with information and she repeats key points which is helpful when you are learning. She shows many rulers that are available but stresses that you can use just two to start a straight machine quilting ruler and a curved machine quilting ruler. She even provides a template and how to create your own temporary ruler to get started! No hard sell for supplies here. I like that in a teacher. This makes this a class for those who maybe can't quite afford it all t…

How I approach learning from an on line class like Craftsy.

How I approach an online class like from Craftsy or any other online or in person class.

I have a tendency to watch the whole class before I start any work so that I can get a feel for the class.
Being bit of a geek I then print the class requirements and put them in a three ring binder that I have for classes I have taken. This is to ensure I don't lose the papers!

Then I use one of these

for each course I take. I am not expecting to fill up all the pages but they are so cheap at back to school time I stock up to use them. 
I write the course name on it and as I watch the video I write down the information I like to remember or any questions I may have. 
Craftsy makes it easy to stop the video and rewind to review again or to listen again to what you missed because the dog choose that moment to jump on your lap or the cat threw up a hairball! 
Samples I make and want to keep go into this book. Pictures I take of my process through the class can go into this book. 
Working this…