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fun workshop...

On Wednesday I went to a workshop at one of my favorite places to stop by.
Stitch - A Sanctuary for Knitters, Quilters and Needle Artists.

This is an amazing place of colour, ideas, items and friendly service.

Who else has a workshop and serves hot cider, tea and homemade Cranberry Crumble cake?

Jocelyn is the owner and she is knowledgeable, friendly and welcoming.

We got to do 4 different activities.

 The first was some tree ornaments.

 I actually finished those and they await my Christmas tree....

Next was a button and bead garland. I am using beads from my friends button collection so it is kind of special to me. I hope to get some small beads to add to it because I thought I had some and didn't .

The next is a primitive reindeer.  Sadly he is just stitched and not embellished yet. He needs antlers, and legs as well as a few other touches.

Finally this is not a primitive sail boat but will be a hand stitched Christmas tree stuffed, blanket stitched together with felted Christ…