Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Weekly Post - Post Cottage Edition....

Every summer we are fortunate to be able to head to the family cottage to rest and relax.

Built in 1941-42 the place has stayed basically the same with the addition of one small bedroom and a fully functional bathroom. I have to ask my mom when my "auntie" had that put in.

A few years ago we changed the clapboard siding to aluminum to save costs. Continual paint maintenance was becoming too much. Now we can give it a good pressure wash and be done.

Everyone gets to do just what they like at the cottage. My husband reads, kayaks
and putters at a few chores. I take along some basic sewing, read and sometimes a craft or two. Our now adult kids kick back read, rest and play games. My sisters family fish and she reads. Our dog lives to fetch sticks and run.

 If we quit throwing in the sticks then he "accidentally" throws them in the lake and makes a big scene out of fetching them.  Now with the next generation we will see what develops. Baby Pea came up with her parents for a weekend but since she was just under 3 weeks old she basically slept and ate.
Many memories are created at this place which we just kick back and relax. No TV unless we bring a DVD. No Internet for we have a dial up wall phone. It truly is our happy place.

The cottage is an inspirational place for me. This year I worked on another set of blocks for my "Judy" quilt. So far I have managed to make one set of five blocks a year. I am going to push myself on this one. It is time for it to be done. Paper piecing Judy Niemyers way is not my favourite way of making a quilt. It is incredibly accurate but very labour intensive!
We had another edition of cottage craft club for my sister and family. This year was felting. They took to it like ducks in water!

I did make some little dresses and diaper cover pants for my Sweet Pea and her cousin. Being 4 months apart in age I couldn't resist making matching outfits for them.

I also completed a special bib and cuddle bear order for a friend to give as a gift. I only do these for fun because it is way to time consuming to do it other wise.

Another thing I did was gather leaves for my echo printing. Out came a old phone book and the leaf pressing began. Storing up my spoils for when there are no leaves to play with. I feel like a kid again with my tree identification book and going into the woods to gather leaves for the leaf project.

We also went on a side trip to meet up for a day in Haliburton to see the Fabrigos! What fun. Al was teaching, Robynne taking his class, and Karen was visiting her daughter with her sister. We went to Fleming College Haliburton walked the trail of the sculpture garden and then went though class open house. It was inspiring.
Thus ended the two week adventure in Muskoka for 2017!

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