Wednesday, March 13, 2013

WIP Wednesday

I have had a very productive week.

I played more with Lutradur

Rubbings with Shiva paint sticks and rubbing plates.

Stencils with Shiva paint sticks.

Finished my piece # 2 of Rebecca for the BFA group entry. 

 And finished two quillows for my great nieces.

Made a table runner for a present for a wedding shower. This is a pattern by Sara Lister of Lady Bug Designs at U Quilt It. . It makes up very quickly and is very pretty with the prairie points in the centre.

And this is only Wednesday! 
Although all these projects have been in the works for awhile so it is not like I did all the work this week. 

Tomorrow I am going to a workshop at my quilt guild in Smithville. And a nice lunch out with my mom. A nice treat out. 

I am linking up with needleandthreadnetwork

Have a great week. 


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

WIP Wednesday...

I am trying to make more reliable posts. I don't know where the time goes. Being "retired" (meaning I am not working out of the house right now) I don't seem to be getting much done. But again I am.

1. I am making headway each Tuesday in hand quilting my friends wedding quilt with his mother. Line by line we are getting it done and watching British sitcoms. This week it was To the Manor Born. I love British Sitcoms.

2. My "Rebecca" piece I have posted about is almost done. I had to rework it and I like the result better. I have to get a good shot of it tonight as we are seeing how things match up.

3. Lutradur experiments continuing.

4. Diversion. Last week I did snow dying... Yes I know so much on my plate and I snow dye. But we won't have snow here much after a few weeks being in the Niagara Region, Canada

After seeing how many different ways you could snow dye I did mixed MX dyes with fabric scrunched, fan folded and with elastics on different random sites placed in a container. I loaded up the snow on top and squeezed the dye out onto the snow. The next day I rinsed and washed the fabric. I ironed it Sunday but took no pictures of it ironed yet. The only pictures I have this week is of the snow dying set up. The blue dye added.and the blue dye bucket while the snow was melting.

I loved some of the results.

Again I have to take pictures of the final results.

My aches and pains have been annoying lately so I have not got as much done as I have wished. Sometimes sleep is the best medicine for me. We have had so many grey sky days I am longing for sun.

I am linking up with TNTN's WIP Wednesday. I am really enjoying going to the different links.

Off to deliver my son's thermos he left on the counter. It is on my way to an appointment or he would be out of luck.

Have a great day!

In Niagara, Ontario