Wednesday, April 15, 2009

To work, to work and quilt guild!!!

I need to buckle down to work today. It is crunch time. Things need to be done before I head off to pick up DS.
So today will be spent doing laundry, working on book work, taking my MIL to an appointment, and finishing costumes.

Costume fitting went well yesterday. The kids seemed to be excited that they were finally getting to see their costumes. It is great to see the buzz and excitement of a new play. The kids spend months rehearsing and the date of the actual production is near. I am sorry that I have not had more time to devote to the school production this year. I just love it!!!

I hope today to get a few moments to work on my BOM for my local quilt store. They have one of those go in and pick up your block once a month programs and as long as you finish the block then you don't have to pay any more. Well I keep having good intentions by life plans change things on me. I don't really mind paying for the block when something comes up that is important. But it does bother me that I haven't had time to do the block in the month. Or that other things take precedent.

I really need to work on balancing my life.

I think my kids are finally getting that I can't be super mom. They are pitching in to help. I just have to remember to ask them nicely instead of waiting until I explode.(Nice picture eh!)

I get to go to quilt guild tonight !! I really enjoy getting to have an evening out with my mom and going to the quilt guild. I don't think it is the quilt guild so much as spending time with my mom in something that we both enjoy. It can be quite amusing listening to my mom's commentary at these things. Mom is very practical. She is practical in all areas of her life. The wife of a farmer who has worked along side of her husband for over fifty years. All though the lean years. Spending money on fabric just to have fabric has not been her thing. It has not been possible.
So in comes guild night where most speakers and people who show their quilts who do not mind spending on their hobby. So Mom (who is practical) + quilter's(who spend allot of money on their hobby just because.....) = a hilarious commentary. Sometimes it is annoying but most of the time it is very enjoyable.

Today I just have to remember to gether done!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The sewing room lair

Not much besides costuming going on in the Sewing Room Lair. The costumes get tried on the kids today and then I can get them done before Friday!!!!

On Friday I am going with my mom to Ottawa, Ont. to pick up my DD. I look so forward to spending some time with them. It will be a short trip. Just three nights but it will be a good change of pace from the past few weeks.

I thought I would share some pictures that were taken a few years ago when I re did my sewing room.

It is now a happy place. Although I have to overhaul it to organize it this summer.

This is my storage area for books, scrapbooking and supplies.
This is my cutting table that is moveable. It is an ikea cabinet on castors with a table top from ikea. Great for more storage and perfect to move around!

And finally my sewing table. Another ikea find and a shelf above to put a few of my antique sewing things and things that make me happy. I have my laptop near by to listen to podcasts or quilting TV or DVd's or books on CD. I have Plastic drawer units under my table to fit my threads, buttons and interfacings etc. Now also I have a design wall on a curtain rod behind my chair.

It is always a work in progress but a fun spot!

Friday, April 10, 2009

What I have been working on...

This past week is crunch time again. I can't seem to work on anything with out a deadline. How about you? I am one of those organized people but life gets in the way. I guess I am not so good with saying no or I am an optimist bent on being able to do it all. Or am I the ADHD quilter? I am not sure. Maybe it is the book addiction or computer fascination? To many interests and not enough time...sigh

Anyway this is what I have been up to the past few days. Costumes....

For my DS2 school play.

Life has once again preempted my well laid plans and the time crunch is on. An angel in the form of D. arrived and has helped me not only do the costumes but also deal with my grief.

So here is my DH modeling the prototype costume of which I have to make 7 . D took home 3 and magically got them done in 24 hours. Mine are still waiting.

I think DH is looking handsome in his medieval tunic and chain mail. This is meant for a teen boy who is tall and thin. My DH is shorter and well rounded. We laughed. He smiled. The goal for today is to get the other four cut out and sewn so that they can be fitted on Tuesday. And to do some happy sewing on something for me.
I am still looking for a tag line for the bottom of my posts.
So for now it is just

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Friendship not sewing.....

Do you ever wonder if you should blog? Public sharing of information about your self for the world to see? How much should you share? And does anyone care?

Well I will give it a go once again.

Today's blog is about friendship. This is not sewing or quilting although that can play a role.

I have lost my truest and longest friend. Through over 34 years she has always been around. She was not a daily or constant visit. We had our lives and our husbands, our different activities and friends. But we always came back together to share and laugh and cry if needed.

I will always miss you. No one will take your place in my thoughts and memories. But you have put in place a frame work that even through you are gone from this place I still will share your friendship through your little craft group.

Where I should mention that we never got alot of crafting done but did share good food and fun and laughter. We didn't met often but we always looked forward to it.

So in honour of you and just to share you alittle bit longer we will continue to meet. Form new friendships, a new conection of threads. The foundation of friendship you laid will bond us together. We will carry on but it will never be the same.

In memory of Sandra lost to Ovarian Cancer, March 25th, 2009 at age 47