Friday, April 10, 2009

What I have been working on...

This past week is crunch time again. I can't seem to work on anything with out a deadline. How about you? I am one of those organized people but life gets in the way. I guess I am not so good with saying no or I am an optimist bent on being able to do it all. Or am I the ADHD quilter? I am not sure. Maybe it is the book addiction or computer fascination? To many interests and not enough time...sigh

Anyway this is what I have been up to the past few days. Costumes....

For my DS2 school play.

Life has once again preempted my well laid plans and the time crunch is on. An angel in the form of D. arrived and has helped me not only do the costumes but also deal with my grief.

So here is my DH modeling the prototype costume of which I have to make 7 . D took home 3 and magically got them done in 24 hours. Mine are still waiting.

I think DH is looking handsome in his medieval tunic and chain mail. This is meant for a teen boy who is tall and thin. My DH is shorter and well rounded. We laughed. He smiled. The goal for today is to get the other four cut out and sewn so that they can be fitted on Tuesday. And to do some happy sewing on something for me.
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