Wednesday, February 20, 2013

What is Rebecca...

I am a member of the Burlington Fiber Arts group that meets on the 1st and 3rd Wed. evening of the month at the Burlington Arts Centre in Burlington, Ontario. thebac

I joined roughly a year ago and have experienced lots of new ideas from artists of various disciplines. We are not all art quilters but some are felters, free style knitters,weavers, potters, paper makers, painters and mixed media artists. Combined I sure there are more art disciplines I have not mentioned.

In other words they are a very talented pool of people!

As someone who is a beginning artist it is great to be in such a group!

The Burlington Arts Centre was formed 25 years ago and is celebrating this year.
They are hosting a call for entry entitled Tall Tales.
As a group we decided to commit to making a group entry. The idea was hatched and has developed into a collaborative project where we created a photo and "sliced" it vertically to give all who wanted to participate a slice. With patterns of our slice and picture reference in hand were are free to develop our piece in the fiber method of our choice.

I have had a few hitches in the way but my slice is 70% completed. I have to finish stitching my "water" and then create a backing for my piece. The slices are 6" in width and 54" in height.  It was exciting to see half of the pieces last meeting. And I hope to see more tonight.

Below are a couple of pictures of my slice #2

The first picture is the slice with the plastic overlay. I did not start with making a plastic overlay. I made my slice and had sewn down my appliqued pieces with a paper pattern. When I went to see how it matched with number one at the meeting it was off. So I took home my friend Robynne's pattern and soon realized why my piece was off. I had taken a short cut. So I made an overlay from an old plastic clear tablecloth. And I unstitched my pieces of the pier.
I then reconstructed my slice. Here I have layered tulle over the water element to give the water a shimmering feel of movement.

Here is the slice as it currently stands. The water waiting to be stitched. The pier complete. The sky is batik fabric layered with tissue paper pva glue and paint.

Can't wait to see all the pieces together! The project will be done by May and has to enter the jurying process but I hope it will be accepted.

So what is Rebecca? Rebecca is the sculpture outside the BAC. And the Pier is the Pier being built in Burlington's harbour front area.
To see how they combine you will have to wait until all the slices are together....

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