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Sew my quilting has become derailed.

School play time. I have been helping with costumes for the past five plays. This year I have to make smock aprons and maybe a robe.

I have the material and have started cutting out the smocks. I picked a nice pastel gingham check in mauve, pink, and green apple.  Motivation does not seem to be coming into play. My innner sewing muse has to kick into play today.

I need to have them done soon... Sew off I go!
I talked about inspiration on Wed. and then I had such a inspiring weekend.

Thursday we went to Dundas, Ontario where we shopped in this delightul small downtown area. We had supper at the local Thai restaurant, visited the Carengie Art Gallery , shopped at the tea and chocolate shop, kitchen store, gluten free bakeshop, cheese shop and some inspiring clothing stores. The evening was spent at the Dundas Art School Annual Art Auction where local artists donate items and they have a silent auction and live auction to raise funds. Most of the art was paintings, pottery or jewelry but there was some fabric art as well.

Friday I was to go to a relaxation class with my friends at a local Cancer Support Center. I found out they have a quilting group that sounded quite interesting and will be having a show at a local gallery to display art quilts in August. I think I might have to check this group out as they make bags to support the centre and I still have …


What inspires you?

Inspiration for me comes in many forms. I have been thinking a lot about being more positive in my outlook and living more in the moment. Not selfish just enjoying living in the today moment.

What inspires me?
1. Laughter - with good friends, clean humour, funny movie, watching my husband laugh especially at brit coms, laughing with my kids who have developed the same twisted humour as me! 2. The outdoors especially when I take time to smell the roses and go for a walk. Especially with Di who makes me laugh while we discuss the twists and turns of life.
3. My family. All have overcome obstacles and are an inspiration to me. They show me so much compassion and teach me so many life lessons. 4. Thursday night craft girls. Although we are now only 3 sometimes four when my DD is home we have a great time even when we don't get much done.
5. Passing on my crafty/sewing knowledge. I love to see someone pick up and enjoy creating.
6. Fabric. Mine, others; looki…