Wednesday, April 7, 2010


What inspires you?

Inspiration for me comes in many forms. I have been thinking a lot about being more positive in my outlook and living more in the moment. Not selfish just enjoying living in the today moment.

What inspires me?
1. Laughter - with good friends, clean humour, funny movie, watching my husband laugh especially at brit coms, laughing with my kids who have developed the same twisted humour as me!
2. The outdoors especially when I take time to smell the roses and go for a walk. Especially with Di who makes me laugh while we discuss the twists and turns of life.
3. My family. All have overcome obstacles and are an inspiration to me. They show me so much compassion and teach me so many life lessons.
4. Thursday night craft girls. Although we are now only 3 sometimes four when my DD is home we have a great time even when we don't get much done.
5. Passing on my crafty/sewing knowledge. I love to see someone pick up and enjoy creating.
6. Fabric. Mine, others; looking, touching; buying, watching someone else buy (cheaper on the budget lol)
8. Cottage - if you have ever been to mine you know why this is inspiring. It's my happy place.
9. Hugs from my loved ones. Kids give the best hugs but I am discovering that I like them from others too! I have always enjoyed them from DH.
10. Reading. Whether it is my sewing/quilting/crafting/knitting/murder mysteries/ Christian fiction/ my bible/cereal boxes etc. It calms me and centers me. I am an information junkie!!! and I love it.
11. Friends/ girl friends/ guy friends you are the best!
12. My best friend DH no matter what you are there - maybe not knowing what to do but you are there....
and did I say fabric.......

Whats up in Quilt land?
Started a Stack and Wack with my mom for my B and SIL. Had the material for 5 years and just started the quilt. Mom made 1/2 the blocks and I made 1/2. We need a day to sew it into a top. Then I think I will see if we can get it basted so both our backs do not kill us. Here is a picture of one or two of the blocks.
This is a fun quilt to do because all the blocks are different and look like a kaleidoscope. It is done by layering the fabric in exact repeats together and then cutting the fabric. In this case it was 8 repeats and then cut in cuts across the fabric then into squares then triangles so that you have 8 triangles of exactly the same.
See the stack and whack book on the shelfari for more details of where you can buy this book.

I am also making a quillow for my great niece but need to take pictures of it.
That's it for now.
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