Friday, February 14, 2014

Do you hate having pins stick into you?

I hate having pins stick into me!

That is why I was so interested in buying some Pinmoors. Which look like a great product but are fairly expensive at $17.50 for 50 . Pinmoor's

Pinmoor's are probably a much better long term solution to my temporary solution as they look like a more dense and would hold the pin more securely. The next time I am going to visit my sister I will have to order a package to see how they compare with my local hardware store find.

1 role of foam "caulking" This caulking - as I understand - goes into the crack first and then the regular caulking goes over it to seal a door, window, etc. 

 For less the $6 dollars I got this roll. Which I cut up with my regular scissors into 1.5 cm sizes. 

And you stick the pin into the foam to stop the pin poke you. 

I then took a flower vase I had and through the pins and foam into a container. 

Leah Day of   freemotionquilting shows how to use P'inmoors when she is free motion quilting. 

I know my hardware store foam things will not be as good. But for now they will work. 

Have you used Pinmoor's or foam caulking? 


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