Saturday, February 1, 2014

Something I have been working on ....just for pure fun and colour

It has been a busy month this past January in our house.

I volunteered my services to do a month on one of my favorite blogs... and now am the guest artist for May with all things Lutradur on the and then they set it on fire . blog.

So I am getting myself prepared for this adventure.

Met with 3 other artists and started a group. We enjoyed a play day doing things with Lurtadur so that jump started the ideas for May's experiences. We may call ourselfs the "Fabrigos" It was such a fun day.

Here are some creations.

Our challenge to ourselves was to use what we made in something for next month.

I experimented with making random wonky blocks with scraps I have.... 

Then life happened, Illness of a friend, family crisis, and filling in for a person on sick leave. 

Creative things went down the tubes. 

But I also still managed to start the media notification for the fibre art show I am helping with in the fall. 

Fibre Content 2014 info is alive and out there. If interested in the past show and this one go to Fibre Content 2014 It should be a great one and you will hear more about it I am sure. 

May February be less busy in some areas and more creative... 

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