Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Guest Appearance on "and then they set it on fire"

I am so excited and looking forward to being a guest on the and then we set it on fire blog in May.

My intro is up there this morning. I worked hard on writing last week ad-midst a crazy week of crisis. I looked it over carefully several times and did not see the "mistakes" but my hubby saw them right away. lol The fact is he has a great eye for things grammatical, spelling, numbers, etc. He is an accountant. But not very artsy.... So we balance each other quite well.

Today my wonderful husband of 28 years is 54. And he is still the guy for me.

So if you are here as a result of the ....and then they set it on fire blog... be rest assured we will be having fun in the month of May... just don't expect  all posts to be without error in spelling. lol I will try hard to have them correct but life around this place gets crazy.

In the next few months I plan to post regularly re: my activities in my playroom. Posts without pictures seem kind of dull so I hope to include many pictures as well.

Saturday will be the first time this week that I get to spend in my space since I am temping at my husbands office while someone is on sudden sick leave. So I hope to prep a few posts of what I have been up to...

Now it is off to work and then to celebrate my husbands birthday with going to see the Hobbit movie. This is something we planed to do all Christmas season.

More prep on playing with Lutradur coming up. What a fun year this is going to be!

And remember to visit Elle my first playmate in this venture. I love her blog. And hope to learn a lot from her too!

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