Thursday, January 2, 2014

A New Year... 2014

2013 was a busy year... each passing year seems to be. Family wedding, babies born, friends, family, sadness and joy...

But I am grateful to have my family...

For 2014 I have a few goals...

Blog... more... about my creative journey

Start... just start to do the things I want to. I am a perfectionist at heart so I always find reasons not to do something. Materials, knowledge, time.... To get over this weird feeling of failure... I just go back to the tried and true and gather material to do something new. When I jump in full feet and have a deadline I get stuff done. I just need to start...

Be... Be more in the moment, Be more careful of getting myself involved in negative or unhealthy situations. Be happy, grateful and loving each day. To be Jo... the person who is inside me not the expectations of others.

2014 will be busy... planning a few trips with family and friends. The routine stuff of life... parents, kids, friends, house, work, etc.
Committee work.. on the library board of our town library, helping with advertising of a group I am involved with art show... local quilt guild board.
Starting a small art quilting group with 3 other people. Once a month to explore, share and grow.

Starting out the year with a cold but it gives me time to plan.

And what is a blog post with out a picture...

I leave with two pictures I took in Southern Ontario's ice storm several days ago.

This one is my dog Moe catching snow balls... Moe is instantly happy, living in the moment. I want to be like Moe... although I don't want to roll in the snow so much as he does. 

This picture is ice formed on the bunch stems left on the vine after grape harvesting. Beautiful to see the ice formations on the plants and trees but also reminds me of how much damage something can do. We did not suffer some of the longer term effects this storm caused in Ontario. glad that now most people are hooked back up to hydro. 

Off to put up my new words on my wall ... Start and Be. 


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