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Layers 1 as yet untitled. To be mounted on on canvas. WIP
Still hand stitching.... 


Weekly Stitch - Fly Stitch.

This weeks stitch I am trying is the Fly Stitch .
I consulted my go to sources. This is the variations I found. Later I will document the source of where I found them. I will just edit the post to do so. It seemed like a good project for a day where I feel a bit under the weather.
 I haven't been sick but feel like I have been hovering around coming down with something. Others in the house have had viruses. They have been quite sick for a few days then the illness lingers. Me I am not down for the count but just feel off. 
The last stitch just above the word "stitch" is a lazy daisy combined with a single fly stitch. I have use this before several years ago to use to represent a dandelion head gone to seed. I am now using it again on my latest piece. When I get further on it I will share it. 
Meanwhile I think I will hunker down and go for a nap. I am trying to beat this bug before we go on vacation in two weeks time. 
DH and I have been going south for several years wi…

How can January be almost done.... a note of my intentions this year

January has gone by in a flurry... in Southern Ontario this can mean lots of snow but this year is certainly not been as snowy as some.

Planning my future.... well I have been working on that. Getting into the creative lair has been a bit of a challenge. First I had to find the floor... and surface areas. But I have a loose plan.

I am starting to make my jewelry again. Before Christmas I gave most of it away because I wanted to see if people liked it. I had a very positive response from my test group,  aka friends and family. So I have been encouraged to pick up the tools and create.

I have wanted to do a year long project. But I haven't been able to figure out what I want to do. It has to involve hand stitching to make a portable project and a project I can do in front of TV and with others in the room. Last night I figured out I am going to try a new stitch a week from Sharon B's Pin Tangle website. She has a stitch along, years of material and seems to be a very generous s…

Expectations... and new word theme of the year

Happy New Years Great Expectations

The first day of the New Year always brings reflection and a new start.

I fell behind with my trying to blog daily. Just to hard to keep up with the family, celebrations and work.

Last night a good friend asked me if I had any New Years Resolutions. I am not good at keeping Resolutions. I start out plan a ton and then fall down in the execution.

So I replied to him... "Lower Expectations"

I am a dreamer, planner, wisher of things can change and care giver.  This puts a ton of pressure on myself and those around me.

Does this mean I am to lower my standards? Or to change who I basically am? I don't think I can do that but my flip comment to my friend has been running through my mind in the last 13 hours (minus the time I was fast asleep)

What could lowered expectations mean? Stop being so hard on myself. Stop being afraid to fail. Stop worrying about other people and what they do. Sounds like a tall order but maybe I can incorporate it …