Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Layers 1 as yet untitled. To be mounted on on canvas. WIP

Still hand stitching.... 


Sunday, January 24, 2016

Weekly Stitch - Fly Stitch.

This weeks stitch I am trying is the Fly Stitch .
I consulted my go to sources. This is the variations I found. Later I will document the source of where I found them. I will just edit the post to do so. It seemed like a good project for a day where I feel a bit under the weather.

 I haven't been sick but feel like I have been hovering around coming down with something. Others in the house have had viruses. They have been quite sick for a few days then the illness lingers. Me I am not down for the count but just feel off. 

The last stitch just above the word "stitch" is a lazy daisy combined with a single fly stitch. I have use this before several years ago to use to represent a dandelion head gone to seed. I am now using it again on my latest piece. When I get further on it I will share it. 

Meanwhile I think I will hunker down and go for a nap. I am trying to beat this bug before we go on vacation in two weeks time. 

DH and I have been going south for several years with good friends to beat the winter blahs, get sunshine and get our fill of laughter. 

The pets will keep our daughter company or the other way round. 

Do you know of any other ways I could use the Fly Stitch? 


Saturday, January 23, 2016

How can January be almost done.... a note of my intentions this year

January has gone by in a flurry... in Southern Ontario this can mean lots of snow but this year is certainly not been as snowy as some.

Planning my future.... well I have been working on that. Getting into the creative lair has been a bit of a challenge. First I had to find the floor... and surface areas. But I have a loose plan.

I am starting to make my jewelry again. Before Christmas I gave most of it away because I wanted to see if people liked it. I had a very positive response from my test group,  aka friends and family. So I have been encouraged to pick up the tools and create.

I have wanted to do a year long project. But I haven't been able to figure out what I want to do. It has to involve hand stitching to make a portable project and a project I can do in front of TV and with others in the room. Last night I figured out I am going to try a new stitch a week from Sharon B's Pin Tangle website. She has a stitch along, years of material and seems to be a very generous stitch. Phenomenal resource! Part one of the week will be to test the stitch and Part two will be to use the stitch on a leaf design. The weekly leaf is an idea I saw on Linda McLaughlin's site   notes from studio b She has such an inspirational site.

Work on my art work. I am starting a series called layers. I am using strips of fabric from my precious collection of hoarded saved scraps to build bases.  Then I am going to build on them something that inspires me in my world. This is a way to get my 10, 000 hours of practice in to develop my skills. (And no I am not counting hours....)

On the technical end of my life I am working on my skills on my mac, organizing my large collection of photos, continuing my exploration of photo shop, and learning to use my silhouette cutter. Also my mid arm Tierra is getting fired up.

In the traditional realm. I am going to work on my WIP's as I feel moved to. But priorty on my son and daughter in laws quilt

So it will be a busy year. Committing it to my blog makes it seem over welming but progress is what counts.


Also Check Out what the Fabrigos did on there road trip this month. Fabrigos

Friday, January 1, 2016

Expectations... and new word theme of the year

Happy New Years Great Expectations

The first day of the New Year always brings reflection and a new start.

I fell behind with my trying to blog daily. Just to hard to keep up with the family, celebrations and work.

Last night a good friend asked me if I had any New Years Resolutions. I am not good at keeping Resolutions. I start out plan a ton and then fall down in the execution.

So I replied to him... "Lower Expectations"

I am a dreamer, planner, wisher of things can change and care giver.  This puts a ton of pressure on myself and those around me.

Does this mean I am to lower my standards? Or to change who I basically am? I don't think I can do that but my flip comment to my friend has been running through my mind in the last 13 hours (minus the time I was fast asleep)

What could lowered expectations mean? Stop being so hard on myself. Stop being afraid to fail. Stop worrying about other people and what they do. Sounds like a tall order but maybe I can incorporate it into small ways like guard my time. Focus on what really matters to me my immediate family, my good friends, my love of all things fibre and creating what I love.

Does this make sense?

I know this but do I do this? I think it is time to pull out some paper. Make a mind map and prep some things so I can start and not dream.

This November I created a piece that I think was my best work to date. Putting myself out there and entering it into a call for entry. Friends loved it. Hubby loved it. I loved it. It did not get juried in. Traditionally I would tell my self that it was not good enough but this time I don't feel that way. Honestly I think it did not meet what the juror was looking for or fit the exhibit. This is a huge step for me. Not beating myself up!
Peach blossoms on 15 Mile Creek detail

So as this year processes I hope to see a progression in me to a kinder less self critical person and enjoy the journey of lowered expectations.

Hope you have a wonderful New Year!