Sunday, January 24, 2016

Weekly Stitch - Fly Stitch.

This weeks stitch I am trying is the Fly Stitch .
I consulted my go to sources. This is the variations I found. Later I will document the source of where I found them. I will just edit the post to do so. It seemed like a good project for a day where I feel a bit under the weather.

 I haven't been sick but feel like I have been hovering around coming down with something. Others in the house have had viruses. They have been quite sick for a few days then the illness lingers. Me I am not down for the count but just feel off. 

The last stitch just above the word "stitch" is a lazy daisy combined with a single fly stitch. I have use this before several years ago to use to represent a dandelion head gone to seed. I am now using it again on my latest piece. When I get further on it I will share it. 

Meanwhile I think I will hunker down and go for a nap. I am trying to beat this bug before we go on vacation in two weeks time. 

DH and I have been going south for several years with good friends to beat the winter blahs, get sunshine and get our fill of laughter. 

The pets will keep our daughter company or the other way round. 

Do you know of any other ways I could use the Fly Stitch? 


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