Friday, February 8, 2013

What is the weather where you are???

It is a snowy blustery day... in Southern Ontario. Outside the predicted storm has blown in sometime during 10:30 pm Thursday and 6 am this morning when I awoke. Guys got off to work. And I get to stay home with Moe. We have about 8 to  10 inches already in the Niagara Region of Ontario. And it is still snowing.

When the kids were small we would be out shoveling and tobogganing down the local hills.

So now you would think I can stay inside and have it nice and cozy! But no... my new "child" Moe needs to play in the snow. I was like Papa Bear from the Berenstain Bears and took the easy way. I let Moe out to go to the bathroom and instead of being overwhelmed with the snow, he took the opportunity to visit all the neighborhood.


I took no more pictures after this because I had to run into the house to get out of my pj pants and into snow gear. Cell phone and treats in hand I had to run through the neighborhood calling and looking for him.  I called a neighbour to look out for him. He finally came back and I got him to come to me with a treat in hand. 

After a walk on the leash we returned home. Now he is moaning to go back outside. But he is not going to get to go out unless he is on his 5' leash! 

So what is your weather like today? 

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