Saturday, January 5, 2013

New Year and ... beyond.

The New Year has such promise.

I did get a lot done in December. I knit some finger less mitts for a Christmas present.

I made two Knitting needle rolls out of my own head for my DD and soon to be DIL.

With that I made a interesting little bag to hold knitting notions for them too! I got that idea from a you tube video and forgot to note where I got it from.

Both girls loved their gifts. But I forgot to get pictures.

Worked on my great nieces quillows but did not get them done. -yet!

For the New Year I am working on a plan.

My goal items may include:

Blog - improvement and regular posting.
Photography - actually learning to use my SLR not on just program
Photo organization - deal with piles of photos and digital prints.
How to use photo editing program
Start Genealogy project
Get rid of stuff project.
Find it Finish It...
Techniques - free motion, thread painting, dying,
Produce work to get in to one venue to sell to support my habit of fabric since I am now unemployed (strictly my choice)
Work on getting my body and mind back in shape.

This is a start. I have to figure out a way to do this with out stressing the details.

Meanwhile I am off to take my DS2 back to Guelph University. Wow has a month ever gone quick.

Thanks Elle for posting about the site to hook up to finish our projects. Some accountablity might be good for me.

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