Friday, December 7, 2012

fun workshop...

On Wednesday I went to a workshop at one of my favorite places to stop by.
Stitch - A Sanctuary for Knitters, Quilters and Needle Artists.

This is an amazing place of colour, ideas, items and friendly service.

Who else has a workshop and serves hot cider, tea and homemade Cranberry Crumble cake?

Jocelyn is the owner and she is knowledgeable, friendly and welcoming.

We got to do 4 different activities.

 The first was some tree ornaments.

 I actually finished those and they await my Christmas tree....

Next was a button and bead garland. I am using beads from my friends button collection so it is kind of special to me. I hope to get some small beads to add to it because I thought I had some and didn't .

The next is a primitive reindeer.  Sadly he is just stitched and not embellished yet. He needs antlers, and legs as well as a few other touches.

Finally this is not a primitive sail boat but will be a hand stitched Christmas tree stuffed, blanket stitched together with felted Christmas balls. I only got to make one at the class because it was going on for 10 pm and we had started the class at 5 pm.
I am off to Micheal's to get some beads and paint to finish things.

Hopefully they will be finished by the weekend.

Other stitch happenings - Quilted 2.5 lines across my over sized queen size quilt for my friends who have been patiently waiting for this quilt.
Finished the 12 blocks needed for my great nieces quillow.
I am determined to get the 3 quillows done for the great nieces before Christmas.

Now I am off to my official last day of work! Then to Micheal's and then my lovely DD is home for the holidays.

It will be a fabulous Friday!

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