Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The sewing room lair

Not much besides costuming going on in the Sewing Room Lair. The costumes get tried on the kids today and then I can get them done before Friday!!!!

On Friday I am going with my mom to Ottawa, Ont. to pick up my DD. I look so forward to spending some time with them. It will be a short trip. Just three nights but it will be a good change of pace from the past few weeks.

I thought I would share some pictures that were taken a few years ago when I re did my sewing room.

It is now a happy place. Although I have to overhaul it to organize it this summer.

This is my storage area for books, scrapbooking and supplies.
This is my cutting table that is moveable. It is an ikea cabinet on castors with a table top from ikea. Great for more storage and perfect to move around!

And finally my sewing table. Another ikea find and a shelf above to put a few of my antique sewing things and things that make me happy. I have my laptop near by to listen to podcasts or quilting TV or DVd's or books on CD. I have Plastic drawer units under my table to fit my threads, buttons and interfacings etc. Now also I have a design wall on a curtain rod behind my chair.

It is always a work in progress but a fun spot!
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