Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Work in progress

I have been busy working on two pieces I hope to enter into a show that will be in Burlington Ontario. No guarantees to get accepted especially with all the very talented artists who will be entering.
The encouragement from my family especially DH is so empowering. To have someone believe in you is such a besting. 
My small group the Fabrigos are like this too! We can bounce ideas off of each other, ask for opinions on the direction of our work and support each other. 
I wonder if there is any statistics on percentages on submissions to acceptances to shows. This would still be quite subjective depending on number of entrants, skill level and a mirad of other things. 
So why take the chance to enter juried shows? I think the best reason is because it pushes you. It pushes you to complete. It pushes you to hone your skills. It gives you a goal. Does that mean if you don't get in that your piece was no good? Maybe... To the standard of the day. Or maybe yes it wasn't that good. Or it wasn't what the juries liked. But if you are happy with your piece than you have accomplished a goal that many never try. Putting yourself out there! 
With that in mind I have been working on two pieces that are near and dear to my heart. Afraid to continue in case I may wreck it. 
Talking to my friend Al helped me put it in better perspective. It is only a few meters of fabric and 65 hours of work! Lol the investment in actual materials is small. Less than a dinner out. But in reality the time is the expensive part. But I can now say I have learned many ways I don't want something and vital lessons on how to do somethings...or not. 

How not to make my tree attempt 3!

Fear of quilting in action. What if I do it wrong. 

Time to get off the couch put some tunes on and tackle my fears and move on. 
These works in progress need to be done! 

Do you let the fear of perfect stand in your way? 

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