Monday, February 27, 2012

Creative Explorer

Creative Explorer
I joined Linda Matthews  Creative Explorer Club in January I have kept up with reading the posts, organizing the information (binder complete), started some of the work, but still have not actually made anything. (I think this will be one of my better investments in my creative journey yet!)

I seem to think I am in a "doing funk".


  •  I was away for over two weeks in January so it was catch up on work before and after.
  • And then two kids (whom I love to death) returned home for reading week last week. 
  • I have joined the gym and have made it out two times a week and gone skiing twice. 
  • I have attended my guild meetings. I belong to two guilds so that is three meetings a month. 
  •  I do the show and share archive for one of the guilds that takes a good three to four hours to comply with pictures and writing. 
  • Done mom duty. (taking of MIL somewhere) 
  • Hosted a wedding shower (lots of fun!) Made the invites on my computer. Games, shopping , set up. etc. My dd helped a lot! 
  • Attended a workshop on "What if...) which was lots of fun fusing things together, melting etc. 
  • Finished up treasurer year end for an association I belong to and wrapped it up to pass on to another which took me several evenings of work. 
  • Working on church library data entry, passing over some of that work, getting the information reading to add to our church web site from the library (several days of work in the end... the oh it will be easy was not so...) 
  • Spent an afternoon sewing with my mom. 
  • Still re organizing the sewing room and stash after the pre Christmas decision to reno the laundry room. I feel like I can not play until my basement is neat. 
  • Sorted through said stuff and have gotten rid of 5 boxes of material etc. 
  • Got rid of 4 boxes of household stuff. 
So why do I feel uncreative? In trying to clear my head and house of clutter and doing my regular and required things, adding in some new things like the gym and shedding some responsibilities (which took up several days of time) I had to give up play time. 

But all this has cleared the way for my brain to peculate ideas. 

Or maybe I just need a deadline. 
That is how things seem to get done in my life.... 
How about you? 
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