Monday, April 25, 2016


I am a Craftsy Fan.

I have bought several classes now and really enjoy the format. Granted you have to have a Internet connection that works well to feed the video so it doesn't make it ideal for some.

Why do I like Craftsy Classes?

Here are my top reasons.

1. Affordable. Hobbies are expensive. Very fulfilling but expensive. Some people would be appalled at the amount of money I have spent on my hobby but since my hubby is good with it and it makes me happy to create for our family and others I don't have to justify spending the money. That being said there are limits. Craftsy makes classes affordable. Price points for these classes are great .

2. Life time access to classes.  No where can you get life time access to classes to watch, re watch and re watch that I know of. Yes you can buy DVD classes and I do, but here comes my next reason.

3. Top notch teachers at your disposal. Every class I have taken has top notch teachers at my disposal. The format design of the class allows you to ask questions at any point in the classes. And the teachers answer. You also benefit from reading other students questions, the replies from the teachers and fellow students.

4. Access to teachers I would never get to see in person. I would love to study under these talented teachers. Living where I do and being practical it is unlikely that I will get too! Although if I ever get a chance I would because there is nothing like the in person experience. Lets face it how often have I heard of my friends and acquaintances say they have spent $$$ on a class at a venue only to be disappointed that the teacher was not a great teacher in person.

5. You can preview what the class is like before you buy. Is every class going to be what you wanted? Probably not as we all have different expectations but I can learn something from each and every experience.

6.  Craftsy has sales. Sales on their classes. You can book mark your wish list classes and wait for a sale.

7.  Great Supplies. Ability to buy through the Craftsy store. Access to get supplies at great prices.

8. Patterns available for free or for purchase

9. Community. Craftsy has a great community if you want to be involved in that way.

10. Blog. You can follow along and learn even more great things.

There are great venues out there for learning. And I make use of a variety. I love have books as a resource. I search the net. I buy DVDs. I take local classes when they are available in my area.
I belong to some small groups that are great for encouragement and growth.

On my side bar is a Craftsy Badge. I have signed up to be a Craftsy Affiliate. As a Craftsy Affiliate if you go to Craftsy and take a class through my link it will give a small monetary remittance to me. I am not going to get rich from this but hope to be able to create some content for this blog with it.

As I work through my Craftsy classes I am going to share my successes and failures on my blog.  I hope you enjoy seeing what I am up to and join me in my journey of becoming a better artist and encouraging others to be creative.

What will be first up. Quilting with Rulers on a Home Machine with Amy Johnston. This is going to teach me not to be afraid of my Baby Lock Tiara!

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