Saturday, January 8, 2011

Play Day Postponed...

With a play day cancelled  postponed until next week... I am taking stock and regrouping.
The fact is that I run on deadlines and procrastinate the rest of the time. Either that or I take on to many deadlines or have to many hobbies. lol
So last night I went into my lair and started to straighten up from the mess that I had created before Christmas.
Since I spent most of my holidays with a virus (two weeks and holding...) I really didn't get stuff done and away. Just do what is needed and go back to bed...
I had a great time last night... not with my Quilty friends (although I did miss that too!) but I had a date with my stuff - Dr. Who and Magnum P.I. I can't listen to anything intellectual or that I have to pay attention to when I am in my room because often my mind drifts. So books on tape do not work because I lose where I am in the story.
So back to the basement I will go until I get the job done.
From this exercise I have learned...

  1. When I create - I create a mess but I can not start in a mess. 
  2. I like organizing and a set up that worked several years ago needs to be changed for my new interests. 
  3. I need some clear space. Clear the table top!
Some of the things I want to work on this year. 
Blogging- How to do it in my free time to make it meaningful but not take to much time. 
My art quilting. Learn new techniques and apply them. Develop myself as an artist. 
Cut out the negative. Do not live in others emotional dynamics. (Complicated) 
Become a healthier me. 

I have some plans on this. 

Working on some mind mapping. I used this a lot with my son back when he was having difficulties expressing himself.   

This stuff is just for me. This blog is for me. This is not about numbers or following but will be more of a visual diary... 

Welcome to 2011.

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