Sunday, January 9, 2011

What kind of writer am I like....

I have a friend Madame Samm Sew I Quilt who  is a very talented creative person. She is now managing TWO blogs... the one above and has taken over at Stash Manicure Stash Manicure she is amazing at finding things. On her site today she had a challenge to find out what author you are like. I am apparently like

I write like

Now I didn't even know who this is... and I read a lot! So I went to Amazon to find out who he is and he (or could be a she) writes science fiction for teens. 
What  a hoot since we are science fiction geeks. Star trek, Stat Gate, Dr. Who etc.  

It used to bother me that my family was a bit odd. Now I embrace it! We laugh a lot here. We are a family that laughs about been geeks. 
That is why I chose sewinggeek for my blog. We love information! It is very fitting that my writing style is like Cory Doctorow. Maybe I will have to read one of his books. 
I can't for the life of my see that my friend Samm writes like Stephen King. She is not gory, or horror filled but actually  very sweet and lovey. Well maybe I can't or shouldn't base my identity on a internet quiz test. lol 

Check out Samm's site to find out what you write like. stash manicure
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