Wednesday, January 19, 2011

WIP storage

While surfing this morning... a hard thing to do in Canada when it is freezing ice on the driveway and temperature high will be 6 degrees C ... no, blog surfing...

I went to Em's Scrapbag who I follow and from there to where Shruti Dandekar has a great blog and giveaways. One of the ways to enter the giveaway is to become a follower.... the other was harder ... to link to a post of how you organize your WIPS.

Now I love to organize. In fact it calms me somewhat. It is my go to activity when I am agitated and feel out of control. So you think that my house would be uber organized. Not so. It seems it has to degrade to a point where it is so bad it has to be done from the bottom up. My sewing room is no exception. And it is weird that  sew less when it it disorganized and it gets disorganized when I am under pressure to get things done. And it seems I get things down under a deadline. Who knows what that means to a psychologist! 

But  I digress... So I did clean up the mess in my room two weekends ago. It looks great now. My friends who viewed it were astonished. I haven't got much sewing done because my beloved Husg # 1 Plus workhorse is a the sewing machine hospital.

Here is how I am storing my WIP's for now.

Not that it has to be this brand. This is what I have in the house. And I store my Dear Jane completed and kits in these

 And small wall hangings and squares made or to be made in these.....

Then the baggies go into clear shoe boxes and I put a easily removed office label on them to identify what is in it. IE small projects  or tablerunner Peter and Kristen. to quickly identify what it is. 

I also love these Scrapbooking project boxes (bought easily on sale at a craft or sewing store) to store finished 12" blocks or fabric for a special project. Again I use a label for easy identification. * Note: use the labels that are marked for easy or removal because if not you will be scraping it off when you actually finish a project or bringing out the Goo be Gone.  

I also use pant hangers as in Emily's guest post at Shruti's when I am actively working on a piece or a set of blocks.

Now to create a spread sheet to easily mark my WIP's and projects for 2011. When I am done I will share.

I have to get ready now to go to lunch with some friends who kindly invited me to lunch and a fabric shop!
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