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In early June I went to our family cottage with a few of my BFF's. How many BFF's are you allowed to have? What is a BBF? To me it is someone loves you no matter what. When your happy/sad, right/wrong, giving/taking,talking/listening and when you screw up. It is being to say able to say sorry even when you disagree and and you don't know what you did. It is a love you anyway kind of relationship.

Anyway, I am blessed with such a supportive group of women. And did we laugh, cry and laugh somemore. Oh and eat!

We did some shopping on our way up and I went to Rockport my favorite shoe store because I have to buy supportive shoes. But usually I don't feel I can afford to buy them or it is too much money to spend on a pair of shoes. But I am not held to not buying them when I get a deal. I got 4 pairs of shoes but these were my favorite!
Cute, cheap and funky...and comfortable. 

So then I needed a purse... Hummm 

Off to my stash of newly dyed fabric and I chose this. 
I used a  potato masher at the workshop with Gunnel Hag in Toronto  . Gunnel said the masher was from Portugal so it has a international flavor. 

And I made this bag to carry my drivers licence and a few essentials and off I can go in my comfy shoes and sort of matching purse.

The colour match is not perfect but makes me happy for now. 


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