Sunday, December 6, 2015

Pixel Ladies....


  • About the Pixeladies

    The Pixeladies are artists who love to tell stories in cloth. When they're not creating art, they teach courses on Adobe Photoshop Elements for fiber artists and sewing enthusiasts. 

If you ever want to learn to use your Adobe Photoshop program these are the ladies to meet. 

This summer I took a course online from Deb Cashett and Kris Sazaki - the Pixel Ladies.
I haven't taken a course like this ever before. Geared to Artists but really for anyone they made it fun and informative.

The price could not be beat either...

I took a web design course at a local school several years ago. I paid more and it was absolutely useless. The teacher was horrible and self inflated.

But Deb and Kris were professional, fun and gave feedback promptly and patiently.
Pixel Ladies Class where I learned to cut out sections of a design from a fabric and re arrange it into something else

The format is by video lessons and by pfd workbook. You work on your assignments and post to the classroom site. You have access to the other students in the forum and their questions and work,

They have several courses to offer at different times of year. And you can learn to use Adobe on your PC or Mac because Kris uses one and Deb the other.

My only down comment is be prepared if you want to get full use out of the course it is a time commitment. Sure you can watch the information and read it too but if you don't do the work you won't learn it. And it is a lot of information over 4 weeks. I spent several hours on each lesson.
Moe our dog posterized

I really liked being to watch the video's over and over again just to see what I didn't get the first time.
I did write notes as I went.

The classroom is open for 6 months so you can re watch videos etc, but the feed back only goes on for the stated 4 weeks.
Fussy cutting out a flower and applying a filter. 
The potential is great to use these skills in my work. And it was just plain fun. 

Pixel Ladies Blog

Check them out!


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