Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Creating Peach Blossoms... and 31 Day Blog Writing Challenge.

I have been busy working on a special project. It has taken a couple of months to work out the idea from concept to completion. More time than I thought it would. Because I am entering it into a juried process I don't think I should publicly post it.

I don't know if there are "rules" about this - I know that there are some calls that request that you not post pictures. But if there is no such requirement should you show pictures of your work if you intend to enter it in competitions or exhibits?

But  I will post what I made to create my project.

I wanted some textured fabric in a specific colour. I wanted fabric to make some peach blossoms.  So I made some tissue paper fabric.
Muslin or lightweight fabric  layered with tissue paper and a watered down PVA (white school paste) to adhere the tissue paper. Then I painted the fabric with a wash of seta colour paint.

So this is the beginning of my blossoms. 

My other thing to get me out there is Cheryl Sleboda's 

Maybe not a great month to start this but no time like the present. 

Go to her site and check out her blog. There she has a link up to some great blogger's. A wonderful way to see some new ideas. 

Some of my posts will be what I am up to with my art or creative adventures. 
Next week I am off with friends to view an exhibit in Auburn, New York. Looking forward to a day out and some inspiration. 

Have a great day... 


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