Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Circles Squared2

Circle Squared2 is a work in progress.

I started by stamping the fabric with a candy wrapper holder... the kind that holds the chocolates in the box with Colourvie a product created and sold by Gunnel Hag of Toronto, Ontario

I then was inspired to stitch in different embroidery stitches around the result circles in sets for 4.

Now that I have that done I am stuck on the borders... I have been percolating that for many months.

It is one of my first projects I am going to finish after my back pain settles down.

I really love the idea of this one. It is a homage to my love of art and my mathematical family.

It won't be shown for awhile but I will share a brief glimpse of the embroidery.

What do you get stuck on and how do you move on? 


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