Monday, December 7, 2015

Decolourant experiments .....

Earlier this year I took a workshop/retreat with my friend and fellow Fabrigo Al Cote...

Al Cote is a talented artist and please check out his website and display at the Grimsby Public Library and Art Gallery this December, 2015 Grimsby Public Library and Grimsby Art Gallery, Ontario

One of the techniques we played with was decolourant. This is not just the spilling of bleach onto your clothes and "making lemonade out of a lemon" But acutely products that you can use more safely that household bleach for your fabric and your own health. Here is s a link to learn more about it and its properties.

These products can be stenciled, painted, stamped, ragged etc on your fabric.
Then they are left to dry. And then processed as per the products instructions.

Al is a great teacher and has been pretty busy teaching this year. But he also loves to experiment and use that in his work.

Here are some pictures of the deColourant that we played with on that day.
Before... deColourant added to fabric. These have the "coloured DeColourants" added. 

After the declourant was ironed and washed out.

and some more
Before and after

after only

Before and After

After only
After only. 

It was a quick and easy surface design trick to have up your sleeve.... 

Hope you have enjoyed. 

Have you used deColourant? 


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