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What is my definition of a UFO/WIP...

Sandy from Quilting For the Rest of Us... quiltingfortherestofus ... asked the question to define for ourselves what a UFO is ... 

Since I have never seen an alien landing even though we are huge Dr. Who and Star Trek fans I know she is talking about my other love - quilting.

For me this is a hard question because I define it as

 1. an unfinished object. An project that I have started and not completed. This means I have actually started it by cutting it out and sewing it.

Recently I got rid of a bunch of projects that I no longer was interested in. I donated them to my guilds cuddle quilt project.

So this cuts down my UFO's

But now that I do art quilting I have a lot more UFO's.

There are the projects that I have started on but stalled on. No deadline so no finish.

I also have the never ending projects. That are my Dear Jane quilt

All I am seeing is Red!

Red, Red, Red... meters of it. 13 meters of red chiffon... Several meters of red satin.... 35 meters of horse hair braid.

Hours of applying horse hair braid.

All I can say is that I must love my great niece 'cuz I am making her this for her graduation in June.

This is the pattern that the mom and daughter chose. 
I think I will be seeing red for awhile...

Judy Niemyer

I was invited to join a "Stitch Group". It would be devoted to make Judy Niemyer quilts. I haven't done much paper piecing and thought it would be fun. How big of a commitment could it be?

So I went to Judy's website and checked it out. Until I was asked to join I didn't even know who she was or what she did.
Judy Niemyer

I choose this pattern to work on. It was not so busy  in colour of most of her quilts seemed. And I liked the neutral space.
Little did I realize that this was a companion quilt. That means that it is make with the left over arcs of the quilt below.

So I sent for this pattern.

So far the commitment to time has been a bit more than expected.
One evening pulling fabric from the stash. I found 50 fat quarters or pieces of fabric to use in the quilt. 25 dark and 25 light. The twenty five had to be five different colour-ways.
Then (and still now) my basement is littered with the rejects and boxes that hold the fabric.

Then I had to …

Red and White and Black all over with grey added in .....

I have been working on several projects.

Last year I went to a Guild workshop. I had just joined the Grimsbys Quilt Guild and wanted to meet some of the people.

I had a great time. It was suppose to be a jelly roll race using a technique  and it can be seen on the Jenny Doan Missouri Quilt Co 's You Tube Channel. Missouri Quilt Co

It was a patten based on Jenny's  Pinwheels Technique and changed up by 3 Dudes Quilting from Phoenix Arizona.3 Dudes Quilting  She called the pattern the "Amazing Jelly Roll Pattern."

It is quite easy to do once you get the hang of it. I did my blocks in Red, White and Black.
Definitely not my pallet.  My did not turn out planned and were all randomly stripped.  I was talking to much to follow to much of a plan .

But the colours are growing on me...

However I did make the blocks and finish them. I now have roughly 50 blocks to turn into a quilt.

On there own I find them too busy so I bought some grey in two tones to break up the visual ch…

I really mean to be a blogger.... honest!

It has been a crazy few months. Crappy weather, fibromyalgia flares, destination wedding, 60th anniversay of my parents. And the worst the diagnosis of cancer in the bladder for my dear Mom.

Mom is a rock. She has gone through alot in her 79 years between being a farm wife, a Mom of three, active Grandma of 8, Great Grandma of 5 +  and volunteer. And that can not even hit a fraction of what she does, who she is, or what she means to us. But I know and that is good enough. We have gone on many life journeys together - laughter, tears, angry - the whole gamete of emotions.
So you understand that where I have been is not here... add computer problems (but that is another rant)

I am trying to let go of" have to's "and turn them into "want to's" or not do them.  I am trying to purposely take down time and relax so my muscles don't seize up.  I am trying to stay on the happy side and not take on others unhappy.   
I am a saver.... I think I can save the worl…