Friday, May 1, 2015

I really mean to be a blogger.... honest!

It has been a crazy few months. Crappy weather, fibromyalgia flares, destination wedding, 60th anniversay of my parents. And the worst the diagnosis of cancer in the bladder for my dear Mom.

Mom is a rock. She has gone through alot in her 79 years between being a farm wife, a Mom of three, active Grandma of 8, Great Grandma of 5 +  and volunteer. And that can not even hit a fraction of what she does, who she is, or what she means to us. But I know and that is good enough. We have gone on many life journeys together - laughter, tears, angry - the whole gamete of emotions.
My family on my Christening Day in 1963
So you understand that where I have been is not here... add computer problems (but that is another rant)

I am trying to let go of" have to's "and turn them into "want to's" or not do them. 
I am trying to purposely take down time and relax so my muscles don't seize up. 
I am trying to stay on the happy side and not take on others unhappy.   

I am a saver.... I think I can save the world if only they would let me help. 

Now I want to be a pointer.... pointing them in the direction. 
"You can lead a horse to water but you can't make them drink" 

Take notice world...
Play nice in the sandbox! (My favourite new saying.)Image result for sandbox picture

And if you have a problem only you can fix it... so take responsibility  - do what you need to do, get professional help but only you can change things. 

So in the next few months I turn my attention to the positives, count my blessings, do what I can for others but take care of me too. 

Enough rant. Cause nobody likes a rant accept our own   Canadian Rick Mercer... mine are not as funny as his. 

So sewing wise I have been working on my son and daughter in laws  wedding quilt. I am making it with my daughter, and my best friend -  my sons "other mom". We work on it together so it comes a bit a time when have time free together... Usually two or three hours on a Saturday.
The pattern is taken from a magazine and I will include the reference later. This is the first two rounds. The idea is the blues and greys get lighter in tones in each round. It seems an easy pattern which it is but we are very focused on the decision of what colours to put into the four patches. 
We decided the back will be more free form with using up left overs to provide another choice of how to have it on the bed. A twofer.... 

My friend is not really a quilter but she helped hand quilt with me the quilt I made for her son and daughter in laws wedding. She has a math degree and is great on figuring out the math. She enjoys the process of planning. And the sewing but she is a busy person with 6 sons and full time job. It is a gift to share time with such a good friend. 

Add in my daughter and we have a great time! 

I am working on many projects and hope to show them in the next few weeks. My plan is to write and plan the posts so I can be more intentional. While working  a day job seems to be in the plans for the near future but I do want to develop all the ideas in my head. 

I am being encouraged to put myself out there and teach a bit. It is something I have wanted to do but have been waiting for the perfect time. Maybe there isn't a perfect time. 

I have been listening Heidi Easley from Texas Art and Soul who is having a series of video casts with different artists who in their medium talk about their story. It is very encouraging. It is a free event and you can sign up through her website. 

That is all for now... thanks for reading. 

If you have any tips on how to stay intentional with your work please comment. 


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