Monday, May 18, 2015

What is my definition of a UFO/WIP...

Sandy from Quilting For the Rest of Us... quiltingfortherestofus ... asked the question to define for ourselves what a UFO is ... Image result for ufo

Since I have never seen an alien landing even though we are huge Dr. Who and Star Trek fans I know she is talking about my other love - quilting.

For me this is a hard question because I define it as

 1. an unfinished object. An project that I have started and not completed. This means I have actually started it by cutting it out and sewing it.

Recently I got rid of a bunch of projects that I no longer was interested in. I donated them to my guilds cuddle quilt project.

So this cuts down my UFO's

But now that I do art quilting I have a lot more UFO's.

There are the projects that I have started on but stalled on. No deadline so no finish.

I also have the never ending projects. That are my Dear Jane quilt Image result for dear jane quilt
and my hexagon hand sewing quilts. Image result for grandmother's flower garden quilt

There are also the quilt tops I have finished but haven't quilted yet because up until now I have been a hand quilter and progress is slow.

Since I sew other projects they move into a UFO category as well because they are not finished.

I also have UFO classes that I have started on line mostly with Craftsy. I plan to finish them.. when I have time.

I do get things down but it is hard to focus at times.

So I guess my definition of UFO is still an unfinished object. But I would have to have categories

Forever Projects
Craft Projects
Quilting Projects
Fibre Art Projects
Class Projects.

It time I became a finisher instead of an alien with a UFO to do list!

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