Thursday, October 29, 2015

Waiting for the perfect.

I realized this morning I am waiting for the perfect.
Perfect day
Perfect time
Perfect supplies
Perfect computer
Perfect machine
Perfect place....

Do you wait for the perfect?

I haven't been blogging because I don't have the right pictures. I have the posts on draft since the summer. But I was putting it off until I could organize my photos. Had trouble with my pic so I got a Mac.
Then it was learning the Mac.... But then I couldn't load the pictures and it is a whole different way to organize the pictures than on my pc.

PC was to go to my hubby. Did the switch over of files .... Then he plugged his mouse in it and the computer went blank.

Return to Mac to find out why I can't upload pictures.

Went to Blogger forum for help. Long complicated or just long ways of finding out what might be happening.  Still haven't managed to make it through the directions.

I have spent the majority of my computer time just trying to figure out what I can't do.... Tagging my photos, looking for photos, and more.

Now I have bought a sit down mid arm. Trying to figure out that... That is not so bad.

New phone.... Or new to me. Still working on it.

Shilouette cutter machine.... Still working on it.

I am tech worn out.

On top of that we are renovating on weekends our house and my mom has cancer.

I thought having grown children would give me more time to do the things I love.

One good thing this week was taking Monday off from work and spend the day with my best friend for our 30th wedding anniversary. Ups or downs this guy has been at my side for over thirty years. He is the best thing in my life!

So this post is dedicated to the guy who is always there.
And here he is the patient man who would even try on costumes for the kids high school plays and have his picture taken...

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