Friday, November 16, 2012

An Art Book or a Technique Book....

My husband and I belong to a small group book club. It is kind of cool we each take a turn hosting and picking a book. We have come from different reading backgrounds and so some of the choices are very different than what  we are used to reading. This months choice is a fantasy book. But that is not what I want to talk about....
In order to get free shipping from Chapters/Indigo (a Canadian bookstore chain...) we had to chose another book. The shipping was going to be half the price of another paper back or more. Usually we pick a historical murder mystery. But I through out that I had looked at this book when we were shopping in Lancaster, Penn. a couple of weekends ago... Fibreart Montage: Combining Quilting, Embroidery And Photography With Embellishments

It is listed on the back as $35.99. I did not mind paying for the book in the quilt store but I was trying to keep my spending down and had just bought 30 yds of fabric at a price much cheaper than I could buy at home in Ontario.

So we added this on to our book order for $25.25...

* Prices may vary in store.

Fibreart Montage: Combining Quilting, Embroidery And Photography With Embellishments

Dragon Threads | November 1, 2009 | Trade Paperback

2010 Benjamin Franklin Gold Award winner

A huge contemporary trend in the industry, mixed media is taken to a new level here with a unique combination of watercolors, pen and ink illustrations, needlework design, and more. The montage effect, taught in this volume, begins with a computer-edited image that is transformed into grafted patterns and then enhanced with crazy quilting, manipulated fabrics, embellishments, dye, and embroidery techniques. The friendly prose and enthusiastic, straightforward instructions take readers step by step through the process to achieve texture and depth in fabric landscape quilts while full-color, stunning photographs accent this guide to the newest mixed media techniques in the world of quilting.
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This is a beautiful book!!!!
The pictures are stunning. The techniques are detailed. And it also tells a lot about Judith's life and journey as an artist.

This book will not only be used for techniques for me to expand my skills but also to use for inspiration, colour study and sheer enjoyment.

If I could rate this book it would be an A+

An added bonus is that it has a binder like binding so it lays flat when opened!

Where can you get this book...
Many places I am sure. But you can't have mine! lol 
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