Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Thanksgiving Weekend...

For us in Canada it was this weekend. For numerous years it has been spent by our family at a cottage on Lake Muskoka here in Ontario. Our little cottage in the woods is the place where our whole family relaxes. We have "cottage time" where things happen at a slower pace. We get up later, we eat later, we nap, we play games, and we laugh more than usual.

My kids are always allowed to invite a friend. Sometimes that means one extra and sometimes more.

My parents usually come so we get my mom's wonderful cooking and we get a "relaxed" version of my dad. He is very funny when he is relaxed.

This year it was nine of us. My family five+ one great niece + two grandparents + my son's one friend. And of course the ever faithful family black lab.

Sometimes it is a cold weekend where we huddle inside with the fireplace on and others like this weekend it was sunny and quite warm for October.

My DD took umpteen pictures with my new camera. Every year the same views but different colours on the trees.

This year was year of the orange leaves. Some years they are brilliant red.

What does this have to do with quilting? Well sometimes in your life you like one colour more than another. Or you have to work in a different colour palate than you are use to. Sometimes you have to work from your stash and sometimes you just have to buy.

I have a mom that is very practical. In her life she has had to be thrifty.  She is very generous in spirit but there is definite parameters. She likes to sew, likes to quilt but loves to cook, bake and can. She has a hard time buying fabric with out a purpose. She actually thinks it is wasteful and is critical of "those" people who just make quilt after quilt with no purpose accept to make another one. She thinks she has allot of fabric. But I know it is contained in one or two boxes.

I on the other hand have many more boxes of quilt fabric- maybe 8 Sterilite boxes of under a meter including fat quarters and a cupboard shelf of larger pieces or ones put aside for a project. (Please do not look at the other wall in the laundry room with the other fabric types.) I think I spend way to much on fabric and must admit when I see others "wall o'fabric" (as my kids call it) I get thinking critically of others.

My ever practical daughter now comes into play. "Mom - Why do you quilt?"
Me: "Because I love it. It makes me happy. I get to create something. "
DD: "Then just do that."

So that's what I will do. Quilt, create and enjoy the gift I have been given.

And by the way if you see my mom don't tell her how much fabric I have, what she doesn't know can't hurt her and we will all stay happy!
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