Monday, September 6, 2010

The endless circle...aka cleaning the sewing room, making a mess....

I had been busy sorting and cleaning my room. It did get somewhat cleaned up and then disaster struck again. I am a closet neat freak. I can live with mess only so long before it throws my anxiety meter over the brink. But I also am a pack rat and love to collect. My inner muse is constantly at war with itself.

Disaster came with a few very happy sewing sessions with my DD. She wanted to finish up some projects before she heads back to school for fall semester. She is a doll!  She completed one quilt top sewn and sandwiched, and two lovely purses. All this while working fulltime! She has "got bit" with the sewing bug. Yeah someone to play with!

When she was little (and her brothers too!) we did crafted almost everyday. There always were supplies available. The neighbour kids came over and crafted too! (messy but fun) The kids always played where I sewed in our family room. Now I have a room of my own off the family room. I can see them through the glass doors. They venture in to tell me how their day went or if they have a life crisis or to find out what is for dinner. Now it is completely satisfying to have her join me for a day of play.

A good friend has been encouraging me to explore art quilting. So I have jumped right in and have been playing. They will be for sale at a local art festival as a collaboration with my friends raku tiles on them. Just a few pieces. It has been fun but is a bit scary. I have to take the opinion that it is for fun and be prepared not to sell any but to enjoy the process. Pictures to come....

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