Friday, August 20, 2010

A fun week...

It has been a fun week. Not that I don't usually try to have fun but with the cooler weather it is easier for me to be in a cheerful mood.

Fun things I did this week and in no special order.
  • Had lunch at my mom's and dads.
  • Went to a water park with my dear friend, her daughter and my daughter and just played and laughed.
  • Cooking class on Asian food. Yum!
  • Craft night with the girls where I got inspired. Was given advice and support with  the designs for my new art quilts. My dear friend is encouraging me and we are collaborating to create them. She designed raku tiles and I am incorporating them into my art quilts. Quite a venture.
  • Went to Port Dover fabric shopping. Beautiful drive and time spent with a good friend and my lovely daughter.
  • Was given some beautiful gerbra flowers by my youngest son.

And tomorrow I get to play with my sewing and go to a B-que.
Sunday is church followed by going to see my DD at work interpreting history at a local Fort based around the time period of 1812.

Can't wait to get started creating ....

My thought for today.....some times you just have to forget the chores and have some fun.
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